Scott Hayes


Your wedding day is filled with emotion.  It is my job to capture it.  My training as a photojournalist has taught me how to anticipate action and behavior, and to have an eye for details, little things others might take for granted.  All these things take place during the time we spend together on your wedding day.  However, capturing your essence as a couple doesn’t just happen by pointing the camera at you and pressing record.   From the moment we first meet, I want to get to know you both on a more personal level, so that I can not only document your event, but make sure to capture the essence of the love you express for each other.

There is a unique feel to every wedding.  As the day goes on I am not only thinking of how I want to setup my next shot, but I am thinking of how I want the images I am capturing to tell the story of your day.  I am able to formulate all of this as I work with you by observing all the subtleties and nuances of everyone’s interaction together throughout the day.

My career doing wedding work began in 1998.  Shooting weddings and capturing the happy times in people’s lives is very fulfilling.  I have never stopped learning about my craft, and have steadily developed my skillset by attending seminars and workshops devoted to doing event videography and photography. I have had the privilege of traveling to many beautiful destinations to work; Nashville, Tennessee, Washington, DC, Sarasota, Florida, Asheville, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Oxford, Mississippi, Cincinnati, Ohio, Dallas, Texas and Dublin, Ireland. Now, 17 years later, I have had a very fulfilling career.  That’s my story, What’s yours?


Scott was the vidographer for my son’s wedding on March 2, 2013 here in Lexington. It was an amazing day for all of us. He followed the couple and wedding party around for several hours to different locations proir to the wedding as well as taping the ceremony and events at the receptions. His work is outstanding. The 14 minute movie he made was extraordinary and I will treasure it for the rest of my life.

Thanks Scott!


Thanks Scott!

Dear Scott

I have just found your e-mail address on your website, and don’t know how I missed it before, as many times as I’ve now been to the site! I am Jason Beckman’s mother, and your video of Jason & Hillary’s wedding at the Mansion on May 26 is just breathtaking, lovely and awesome beyond words.
You say in your summary that your goal is to capture the magic and emotion of the day and the essence of the couple’s love, and you magnificently achieved that. I have watched this now countless times, in many different times of day, and each time is like watching it for the first time. It swells my heart and fills my soul with joy for my son and his wife, and gratitude and pride in such a lovely event. I have shared their wedding highlight on your website with many of my friends and neighbors, and everyone is awed by your talent. Many have commented that they feel they are watching a movie, I have to say it is more beautiful than any movie I’ve ever seen.

You are right in that each wedding has a unique feel, and one can watch your video of Jason & Hillary’s wedding day and know exactly what their day held. It was beautiful, spiritual, exciting, so emotional and joyful for all, and anyone who watches your production can be present in that day and feel that love and happiness over and over again.

God has blessed you with a great gift, and I thank you for putting it to such wonderful use and sharing it with others. Your gift will be a gift to me throughout the rest of my life. I will treasure this video always, you did indeed capture forever on film one of the most precious memories of my lifetime.

God bless you.

Linda Beckman

Unique Feel


I can not thank you enough for the WONDERFUL video you did for my daughter, Heather’s wedding. It was so beautiful and moving. I especially loved the way you did the song in memory of her father. It was so moving. I cried and laughed and enjoyed it so much. I am so thankful we had you to video her wedding. It is priceless. Pictures are wonderful too, but this was just icing on the cake to any wedding. I will treasure this all of my life. Thank you again.

Hope Sudduth